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There are several categories into which I fall.

I am female.

I am married.

I am British.

I draw an old age pension.

I enjoy cooking and gardening.

I am a bookworm.

My native tongue is English, I have good French and am learning Spanish.

I am an immigrant…call it what you will….moving first to France and now to Costa  Rica.

But this enumeration of categories will tell you little about me.

The blog itself is far more likely to do that…..anecdotal evidence revealing what categorising conceals.




  1. So, will this be your new site now? Or are you still blogging on the other one as well? I shall go check it out. 🙂

    • Thank you Carrie…I’m revamping the book and putting it on here as I go along.
      I was thinking of opening another wordpress blog to get rid of the family stalkers on the Blogger ones…but I’ll see how I go.

  2. Thank you for a varied romp through some interesting areas of France

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them….nearly all were off the tourist track at the time!
      I also mess about on another WordPress site…the Venomous Bead…with general stuff.

  3. Thanks for the email – will have fun reading all you are writing here

  4. Found you at Kerry Dwyer’s site. Really like what you have to say. Paulette

    • It’s ‘meetings’ like this that make blogging so satisfactory…meeting the like minded, meeting people who open our eyes, people who make our horizons wider…

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